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Emily Nicole is a singer songwriter based in western Massachusetts. Her songs are inspired by nature and dance, are transcendent, uplifting, meditative and soothing. Her music is new age electronic. Some of Emily’s musical influences are Enya, Sarah McLachlan and Odesza.

She is currently a singer in a band named Santosha which plays yoga type music. Emily also plays the harmonium in the group. Their music is soothing and meditative. This type of music is also where Emily draws some of her influence with songwriting. Emily has been performing some of her original songs with the group. They have played for ecstatic and contact improv dances in both western Massachusetts and Boston. This band has become popular in the western Massachusetts and Boston dance communities.

She is working on an album with producer Nate Christy. She has recently released her 2 original songs, Dreamer and Create in August of 2018.


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